Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Communicating far and wide!

Check out

We are live with our new site. 

It is simple in format just now. It is designed with two groups of people in mind.  We are praying that many people who are exploring the Christian faith or indeed looking  for a Christian community to belong to in their spiritual journey find it helpful. It is also for all those who are already part of the Link Community to browse through regularly. There is a calendar of events and a link to this blog, for example.

Now we are up and running it is easy to update and this will happen on a weekly basis. We will be happy to consider suggestons, info and links for the site.

A big thanks to Diana of the Athens Link for her help with the image on our home page. We are looking forward to meeting her in June and maybe just getting a wee tutorial or two!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Praying and Believing

Charles Wesley wrote in one of his hymns

Faith, mighty faith, the promise sees, and looks to that alone;
Laughs at impossibilities, and cries, “It shall be done!”

Our current disabled toilet - wholly inadequate.

The exposed backwall with supporting plinth just now to keep the cornice in place.

Ladies Toilets- in need of some plasterboard and just maybe a heater!

Just four steps but a major issue for disabled access with the buildings Listed status.

It would  be easy to look at the building just now and see the impossibilities.  In God we believe that we can push forward in faith believing for his resources and wisdom, playing our part. We are blessed with this building as a resource and we seek to see it used more and more.

Kevan, Mike Y and Iain have been meeting to look at the various ways this projects can be tackled and the different cost implications.  Speak to these guys with any suggestions, questions or offers of assistance.  Kevan has spoken with church on a number of occasions about the different quotes and proposals he has worked hard to gather. Due to the time lapse these will need to go back to a tendering process but give us a good idea of what is involved.  It may be that we tackle the work in stages or if enough finance could be raised we could do it all in a oner.   We always must be  mindful that the building is a Listed building and planning permission must be sought. This Listing would also prevent us from fitting ramp access to the building, for example. There are some impossibilities that we are praying though, looking to God for answers.

Maureen is currently exploring options for grants to help with the finances.  This is another area for prayer, faith and wisdom.