Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The People's Bible

We believe that the words of God change lives.  We do because many of us have experienced it as individuals and have stories to tell.  We may not have heard an audible voice but we have heard him in the quiet place in our heart or through the words of another.  With certainty we have heard him as we have read through the pages of the bible. More accesible today than ever for whole sections of the world. (Editor note- love it on my kindle!!) yet so often the bible is unexplored by people.

So this is exciting........... The People's bible project  is coming to Dunfermline on the 19th October.  The details are being finalised just now but it looks like it will be in the Kingsgate Centre.  Check out the People's Bible website for more info. Put the date in your diary and plan to be there to write out a couple of verses.  They are also looking for volunteers to help organise this day and be there to chat and help folks with the process. You can volunteer through their website.

And in Dunfermline the different churches are collaborating on writing out Mark's gospel.  We have it at the Link for the next couple of Sundays. Please take a turn and write our a few verses.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Remember this trip?
We are fortunate as a church to have a real connection into Tanzania and to have the friendship and ministry opportunities offered to us by AOG Superintendent, Pastor Barnabas.  Iain and Norma will travel to Tanzania next week.

Their itinerary is as follows

31st - Travel to Tanzania
4th – Ministry in local church
5t h- 8th - National Ladies’ Conference
11th - Ministry in local church
12th – 16th – At Arusha Bible College
18th – Ministry at Pastor Lazaro’s Church
19th – Leave for home
20th – Arrive back

Iain says
Norma and I leave for Tanzania on Wednesday 31st for a period of just over two week’s ministry. All the details are not yet to hand, but when you are in Tanzania there is very little sitting waiting for the next event! Time is usually well filled. The above however gives major details.
Our ministry time is in the Arusha/Moshi area, sitting in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and the base for expeditions into the Serengeti.
We shall be under the care and supervision of Joel and Farajah Hamuli, a couple we have known and ministered with in the past. Joel is the Principal of the Assemblies of God Bible College in Arusha and Farajah is the National Leader of Women’s’ Ministries in Tanzania.
The main event will be the National Ladies Conference with in the region of 4000 ladies expected, many of them leaders of their local ladies’ scene so this is a real challenge and precious opportunity to minister for the Lord. Norma and I have six sessions between us which gives a real chance to share some of what the Lord opens up for us.
Added to the above will be input into the Arusha Bible College and preaching in some of the local churches including Pastor Lazararo’s church in Moshi. He is Barnabas’s father in law and a former superintendent of AOG in Tanzania. I ministered at his church when I was in Moshi a number of years ago.
 Prayer is valued for travel, health etc but principally for the right material to share and wisdom and insight to flow in the anointing of the Lord as He directs.
Thank you.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Our Schools

Heavenly Father,
We bring our schools to you, our kids and each one who works there. 
We pray for your annointing and your protection. 
We pray for your love and life to flow. 

Woodmill High School
Clifton Hall
Kings Park
Crossford Primary
MacLean Primary
Deans Primary
Lochgelly High School
Dulloch Primary and Nursery
Pitreavie Primary
Dalgety Bay Primary
Wellwood Primary
Cairneyhill Primary
Touch Primary
Queen Anne High School
Inverkeithing High School
Canmore Primary


Monday, 8 August 2011

Messy Church and other stuff

Messy week was a huge lot of fun for everyone.  It worked real well learning together, from the tinies right up to the most experienced holiday club kids worker.  We painted, we prayed, we planned, we were challenged to see and hear God speaking for those around us, we worried a little and we prayed some more.  We had the picnic inside. (Isn't Scottish weather an unpredictable joy?)  Then on Thursday we had our first Messy Church.  You kind of have to see it as it is hard to describe but we had 20 kids and 18 grown ups working on a variety of craft projects together, learning  how God created everything in our world and was pleased with all he made!!  We chatted lots during the story while the toddler made themselves heard, we sang, prayed and ate together.... baked potatoes and lots of cake!!  We loved it!!!  The next one for real, that was just a try out,  is on 27th August at 4-6pm.  Come and join us.

After a summer programme that mixed things up our community groups will be getting back in gear.  The Zimbabwe orphanage sponsorship is moving along nicely and we will be ready to support kids attend school at the start of the school year which is at the turn of the year.  We continue to collect food from M&S for James Bank but a change in policy of their sell by items has resulted in a huge reduction of "waste" we can collect.  We are praying about how we can respond to the need which this will create for the service users of James Bank.

On Sunday mornings this month we are looking at the verse in Genesis 26v22 which we believe God has given us a church that says ""Now the Lord has given us room and we will flourish in the land."  What does it mean to flourish as individuals and as a church, in our families, in our work places, in our community?  In John 10 v10 Jesus says "I have come that they may have life and have it to the full" and as we were reminded yesterday that does not mean life will be easy but we will have everything we need to walk through our lives knowing peace and contentment.