Sunday, 18 September 2011

Final Tanzania post.....

...................... for this trip anyway as Iain and Norma will be returning to the UK with many invites to return to Tanzania. 
They spent time this weekend out in a village out from Arusha.  The facilities were very very basic but the sense of God's presence in the meetings was huge.
Pray for them as they say their goodbyes and begin the journey home. They are due back Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Back to Arusha

Iain and Norma have travelled back down the road to Arusha.  We have yet to hear whether Mount Kilimanjaro came out of the clouds while they were in Moshi and blessed them with an appearance.

This week is teaching and sharing at the bible college.  Iain is teaching classes in homiletics and prophetic ministry and Norma is teaching on counselling and English studies. They are also ministering at Morning Chapel services.

They thoroughly enjoyed ministry on Sunday at Moshi at the former Superintendent's church. There were around  1000 per service and a powerful anointing.  They have been  asked back to do a week's seminar.

 Norma is doing well with her cold germs all gone although the dust does occasionally inspire a cough.

Friday, 9 September 2011

News from home and away

The back stairwell is to be painted this weekend.  It had slipped a little in our contractors mind but, with a gentle nudge. they are now pulling out the stops to get it finished. The majority of the painting will be done on Saturday.  There may be some finishing off on Sunday so please use facilities downstairs and first one there Sunday morning make sure there is a "Wet Paint" sign and some chairs to block off the stairs if necessary.

From Tanzania, Iain writes

"Glad to say our part of the  Ladies Conference has been completed. Very worthwhile with good communication and the moving of the Spirit. Norma very well received as the big "mama' speaker.

Travel was tough with the appalling bumpy roads but otherwise all ok.

Norma has majorly now thrown off her cough which is good

Plans have changed for Sunday. Instead of being back up to Arusha and into a new hotel for one night and two services, first at 7am we are to be a t Lazaro's Church here in Moshi. He was former AOG Superintendent and is Barnabas's father-in-law.  I spoke at his scene for a week about 5 years ago. "

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Tanzania- Moshi

Norma writes today.............

"We are now in middle of is going well and it is a big scene. Iain got chance to teach on Holy Spirit today and there was a lot of life!  My session went well..I had my friend Faraja interpreting...she was great and God was good. We met some American missionaries at conference from Arkansas and Washington State so we are going for tea with some of them.
 Still appreciate prayer especially for my cold and cough.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Tanzania Update

We have received a number of texts and emails from Tanzania.  Keep an eye out on Mercy's blog. She has her own stories to tell.

Iain and Norma are beginning to settle into life in Arusha.  It is a big bustling city and the traffic is a little alarming at times, particularly on the side roads.  Norma developed a stinking cold just after arriving possibly from travel or the dust around Arusha but by Sunday this was improving which is encouraging.  They have both spoken over the weekend.

Today they have started the Women's Conference.  Pray for God's life to flow.