Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Moore Family in Bali

Recent updates from the Moore family in Bali:
Well...we've now been here six months...seriously.  The good news is, we are better able to communicate, on most days, in Indonesian.  The not-so-good news is, I am now less than dependable in my correspondence with people in two languages.  Luckily, people here are extremely gracious and accepting of us "boolays."  That word is slang for whities and I actually have no idea how to spell here it is the way it sounds...for the most part, if we even try to speak Indonesian, they go with it.  

At any's a brief update on the "business" side of things here:

   (1)  Our primary physical job here at present is learning language.

   (2)  We are house hunting again since this lease is up in January, and the rent has significantly "naiked."  Kami sangat suka kata itu, "naik."  (We really like that word, "naik").  You say it like this, "nike." It is quite useful and varied in meaning.  If you ride or drive a vehicle or animal (horse, donkey, etc), you naik it.  If you go up the stairs, you naik them.  If the price increased, it naiked.  That may be it for real meanings...but we have expanded its versatility amongst ourselves.

   (3)  We are beginning to get a better picture of what our physical niche might be here (more later).

   (4)  We have been encouraged by our relationships with our current neighbors.  One precocious little girl even borrowed our Alkitab story book (children's Bible in Indonesian) to read at home and take to school!  I am praying that there will be opportunity to share the whole Truth with her soon.

   (5)  We are continually astounded and blessed by our friends...both here and back hom

Maybe that's it for now...though, now that I have remembered that I can do this from my phone, and not wait for the home internet to be working, I will do my level best to do this again soon...hold me to it.

Agung Road Trip

Box of Chocolates
You never quite know what might offer itself on our little street. Rolling vendors of all sorts...various foods, ice cream, buckets, brooms, toys...we mostly ignore the sound of them these days.
But one day, the kids in out yard got very excited when they heard a "drum" with a distinctive sound. Right outside our gate was a man on a bicycle with a monkey in a box. They put on quite a show...every bit as good as something you might see at a circus...right in front of our house! When it was set us back Rp15000... But we consider
that a buck fifty well spent ;)