Monday, 18 July 2011

Messy Church

It has been quiet around church for a few weeks with so many being away! We hope everyone can enjoy a time to relax and recharge the batteries over the holidays, whether at home or away. If you will be around for the first week in August, there will be a lot of exciting things going on as we get ready for our launch of Messy Church.

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Messy Church is a once a month time when families come together to enjoy creativity, music and eating together.

The aims are:
• To help families feel they belong in church and to each other
• To help people have fun and be creative together   
• To introduce Jesus through hospitality, friendship, stories and songs

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We have set aside the first week in August to plan, prepare for and practise Messy Church. Monday and Wednesday mornings we will meet in the church at around 9.30 am for two fun filled, faith building sessions targeted at all ages as we look to God to stir up our creativity and our passion for connecting with our communities. We'll start with coffee and juice, and eat lunch together before finishing around 1 pm. Everyone is welcome, but if you have a particular excitement for families then please come along! Tuesday we will have a picnic in the Glen (11am -1 pm). Meet us in front of the Andrew Carnegie Museum if you would like to join us. Thursday we will try out Messy Church from 11 am - 1 pm in the church! And on Friday there will be a church barbecue (5.30 - 8.30 pm - venue to be arranged).

Here are some future Messy Church dates for your diary:

Saturday 27th August
Saturday 24th September
Saturday 29th October   
Saturday 26th November     

@ the Link Church, 4 - 6 pm