Tuesday, 12 November 2013

News from Sunny Lahore!

Here we are in sunny Lahore enjoying the warmth but not the flies which keep buzzing me as I type. We are now staying with Esther for three days, before we go back to Qaiser's for the last few days. Last night Andy spoke in a tent meeting in a village on the edge of Lahore. There were more than 250 people there and God moved with power. We were accompanied by 30 young men on motorbikes, some 3 to a bike!

This morning I had the joy of speaking to the daily morning ladies' meeting, and Andy and I prayed for many sick ones. I will be teaching the second part of the message tomorrow morning. Andy will be preaching again tonight, but he is having trouble finding time to prepare as people keep coming to the house for prayer for their families, which is great, but distracting.

Keeping control of our schedule is somewhat difficult as plans are continually changed by others, leading to problems with overlap. Please pray that we are able to do what God wants rather than what man thinks is good. We are trying to fit in all we can though. This Friday we will not be able to do anything as there is risks of trouble for all the communities due to a Shia Muslim holy day, but we will still have Saturday and Sunday to work.

We are both well, but taking care of what we eat and drink. Thank you for praying. We feel your support.

Andy & Heather

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Update from the Turnbulls in Pakistan

Here is the latest news from Andy and Heather in Pakistan. They have had problems so far with emails but managed to get this one out this weekend:

Heather has not been well and I have had to leave her in Lahore for the weekend to recover fully. I am in Raiwind which is currently hosting a Shia Muslim conference with 2.5 million Muslims being stirred up for Jihad and gun fire in the air, but is not stopping us meeting and preaching in the local churches. I have just finished one session (midnight) and have two meetings tomorrow (Sunday). We are seeing God move in the Pastors meetings, with a fully understanding of scripture producing changes in lives and ministry, and also in the church meetings where we have seen healings and salvation.

Please pray for Heather's full recovery and for spiritual strength for us both as we enter into the busier second week.