Monday, 17 June 2013

Moore family update

A Little Gardening
                                                                   Rice Farming


Words for rice:
Sawah = rice field
Nasi = cooked rice
Beras = uncooked rice kernals
Padi = rice plant while growing
Nasib = destiny

Reinventing the Wheel
There seems to be no end to the things we thought we knew how to do, that now we are having to re-learn. From little things like how to pay at the grocery store (praise that there is a grocery store!) to bigger things like how to communicate with our neighbors and how to get enough internet service to actually send a newsletter. Part of me really wants to plant some tomatoes...the other part knows that that, too, will be something I must re-learn, and I am not sure I am up for that just yet. Luckily, it is tomato planting season year round here, so I can put that off a little longer! So far our struggles have been few and seemingly trivial (praise!) and I am humbled to realize that God cares enough to help out with those too. He really does provide everything we need...even the small stuff...just when we need it. And so, perhaps our complete dependence on Him is exactly how it should be...after all...I can't make a tomato grow anyway...I can just do my part...and trust that He will do His.

We have so much to be thankful for. Since it is Lucy's birth month, I will share a story about her. So, about two weeks ago, it was Lucy's turn to have a cold, and about a week into it, she seemed to be getting a little worse. In fact over the course of a day, she really didn't want to eat, or play, and her chest started rattling when she breathed. Of course, we noticed this last bit as we were heading out the door to fellowship with some new friends. The international medical clinic is open 24/7, so we decided to make a brief showing at our friends' house, then take Lucy after that. Our friends started praying for Lucy, and she began getting better! She started playing contentedly and ate all her supper. Her breathing improved, too, and needless to say, we did not end up going to the doctor. She has not looked back...she is completely healthy! Praise the Lord!

                                             Here's what some locals were up to recently.
Prayer Requests
  • Praise! We arrived safely!
  • Peace in Adjusting and patience in learning language and culture here.
  • Praise! That the Lord has provided school opportunities for Norine, Silas, and Biggi beginning in August.
  • That the Lord will continue His perfect provision.
  • Balinese persons of peace, that we would be drawn together.
  • Young Balinese house churches...that they would continue and multiply!
  • Our families...that the Lord would grant them joy and comfort in our journey
  • Our children...that their excitement would be contagious!
  • Our team...that the Lord would be the center and focus of its forming!
  • Love, Patience, Peace and Joy!                                        


Wednesday, 5 June 2013


An update from David and Corne Storm:

We have recently celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary - how time flies!

At the end of May this year, we also look back on 5 years of ministry with World Horizons.

Both of these little milestones represent a great opportunity to thank many friends and family members and church for their continued friendship and support - THANK YOU!

David is now in full swing for preparing for the 6 week overland journey to Turkey.  The team recently had their preparation get together - 21 people will be on team. 
Please pray for the final preparations - of Land Rovers, catering, finance, itinerary updates with people in Turkey and please pray for some specific words from the Lord that will fuel us all.  We leave on Sunday 16th June.