Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Messy Church Multiplies!

The story of Jesus feeding a crowd of more than 5000 people with 5 small loaves of bread and a couple of fish - a child's packed lunch - teaches us that nothing is impossible for God, that He is a God of multiplication and that He thinks bigger than we ever will! Maybe we were a bit like those disciples, wondering if there would be enough to feed everyone who had come, as more than 80 adults and children came along to join in the fun last Saturday. We started having Messy Church late last summer with around 45 people coming, so it's exciting that we are already having to start thinking how we can cater for larger numbers.

How many fishy crafts can you make? The answer is: lots! And we did - we had sparkly fish, fish mobiles, painted fish, stuffed fish and salt dough fish. We also made picnic mats and food collages. A colourful, glittery, noisy, messy time!

Then, after we had heard again about Jesus calmly feeding his huge crowd, we found our kitchen team had laid out an abundance of wonderful food for theirs. And, of course, there was more than enough for everyone!

Messy Church will happen again on Saturday 31st March, 4 pm - 6 pm. Invites are available in Priory Lane - who could you invite to come along?

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Messy Church

Nothing is impossible for God.  What a great theme we are exploring in Messy Church.  Feeding of the 5000...... Messy Church is becoming so popular with families that Hannah may well be praying over the food for multiplication but actually that will be our story and theme this Saturday.
Come and join us. 4-6pm

We've progressed!

Maybe not in having weekly blog updates but 24 or so of us progressed round 3 houses for 3 courses and had a lot of good banter and some great food.  It was a logistical nightmare, that cannot be denied.  There was offer of a computer programme for Anne, the intrepid organiser, but undaunted with a lot of pen and paper calculations and a good few text and emails she got us all to the right places  with the right courses.  It was entertaining to have a lovely piece of pork arrive in a slow cooker, give out a tempting smell and then be wheaked away after the starter to be eaten as the main course in another house with a completely different group of people.
What's next on the getting together and having some fun calendar?  We have 30 places for paintballing! Oh yes!!  Just to get working on a date. Let us know if you are interested.