Thursday, 19 January 2012

Alpha Expresso

The coffee pots are bought. The milk frother is bought.  Hot chocolate is on the list, as are muffins, malteser traybake and chocolate cake.
10 weeks to talk about life.  Wednesday nights, starting 25th January, 7.45-9.30ish pm. Life is worth exploring.  There are some big questions worth a debate and thinking about.  
Answers to all questions not guaranteed but a warm welcome and friendly banter is.
Come and join us!

 Link Church 39 Priory Lane Dunfermline

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Into 2012

One of the difficulties of a blog is that if you do not update it then you give the impression that nothing is going on and that is totally not the case.

We had two great services at Christmas.  We incorporated Messy Church into our family Christmas Service. It was chaotic and wonderful as we worshipped, learned and ate together.  So many journeys that first Christmas and so many lives changed. We thought about the promises that are still there today for us in our journeys.  We were blessed on Christmas Eve with a keyboard player, a real answer to prayer as all our instrument players were away. Our Candlelit Carol service was a time to stop, a time to laugh (we did laugh but that is another story!) and a time to sense God drawing close to us.

New Year's Day saw the church open for a time of worship and also in the afternoon for a hot meal, some company and a chance to beat someone at table tennis.  There was a lot of steak pie served and conversations had.

This week we have paused for a lot of prayer.  We did not want to rush into another year and headlong into a pile of good ideas without real consulting our Heavenly Father for his input.  We have done this for a good few years now and it is a great way to re-energise. This year we have really been challenged to first and foremost get to know our God better.  He is the vine, we are the branches............. .

What are some of the things that are ahead?
The Messy Church team is gearing up for another year.  Alpha Expresso starts on 25th January.  Men's Breakfast next Saturday. Trip to Zimbabwe around Easter coming together and one to Tanzania for a bigger team being considered. Forty or so children have just started school in Zimbabwe as result of the sponsorship programme.
This morning Iain, Doug and Mike left for a week with the Athens Link. Two Sundays and a Men's Retreat are the big things on the agenda as is much prayer and time to hang out together, share stories and encourage.

There is more we would like to see and do this year, so much more! And we will work hard to keep the blog current and share the stories.