Thursday, 12 June 2014

Update from the Storms

A Cross-Cultural Challenge! 

Well, working in a cross-cultural team has its challenges!  Egyptians, Americans, Brits, an Iraqi, a Brazilian and a Colombian, what a wonderful mix and what a wonderful challenge!  Our goal is the same to see long term church planted among the Bedouin Arabs of the many wilderness areas of the Middle East, however our methods and understanding and training differ hugely (-:

Praise God for mission workers that desire to work together!

Pray for grace, unity and commitment – what an expression of church this would be for the Bedouins to see!

Walking Among the Bedouin  
Building relationships and building trust takes time.  How does this start in a nomadic community that has no Christian outreach?  We joined with a long term mission’s worker for a 100km week long trek to walk and live among the Bedouin.  Hospitality abounds, spontaneous invitations for tea and food and to stay the night come thick and fast, and in the context of these visits some key relationships with families of peace are begun.

A new Land Rover to prepare
What a gift this vehicle has been.  Given to the work from a generous friend about 9 months ago, April and May was spent in the garage to begin to understand the new TD5 engine and prepare the Landy for its first overland expedition – a six week 8000 mile return trip to North Africa beckons this summer.  Electrics, a crankshaft sensor, greasing the nipples on the prop shaft and universal joints, engine/axles/gearbox oil change, swivel grease, silicone hoses installed, turbo charger to exhaust downpipe gasket replaced, roof-rack flooring made, towbar fitted, more electrics … the list goes on and on!

Annelie’s first pee on the toilet!
Yes, not the normal missions blog entry, but for us it was a memorable occasion none the less!  Between her trip to the Middle East, befriending Muslim kids and playschool duties, some of the mundane things in life were standing out.  We were at the Big Church Day Out festival at the end of May to man the promotional stand for World Horizons and after several failed attempts at potty training Annelie decides now was the time … a grotty dark green portable festival toilet it was, first pee on the potty/toilet done!


We celebrated 9 years with a spectacular treat to the theatre to see the Lion King.  AMAZING!

North Africa 
June kicked off with a small team going to Morocco to meet up with some of the nomadic mountain peoples we had initiated contact with on previous short term trips.  Travelling alongside the long term mission worker who had now developed a trusting relationship with the families, we got to see how things were developing.  It is wonderful to report one family in particular are regularly listening to the stories of Jesus on a portable solar device that they carry with them as they are shepherding their goats in the mountains.  Questions and opportunities are coming.  Please continue to pray!