Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Moore Family in Bali



Luke and Julie Moore are missionaries from our sister church, Athens Link Fellowship. In April 2013, Luke and Julie moved to Bali with their children, Norine, Silas, Abigail (Biggi) and Lucy, to work with Pioneers, a sending organisation.

Here is an update from Luke and Julie on how things are going so far:

"It is hard to believe we have been here six weeks already!  There have been challenges to be sure (not the least of which has been internet access when we think we need it)...but the Lord has continued to be gracious in providing what we need when we actually do need it.

We are blessed with lovely neighbours on our gang (street) who have been very welcoming. Please pray for them and that our interactions with them would serve as a suitable witness. We have also been warmly recieved by other workers here, many of whom are really helping us find what we need to get settled in.

View down their street
Biggi with some neighbours

Language learning has begun and is progressing a bit slowly for our liking. Please pray that the Lord would give us ears to hear and mouths to speak! 

Currently we are trying to secure schooling for Norine, Silas, and Biggi. Please pray that the Lord would help us to discern what He has for them in this area.

Above all, please pray for the spiritual climate here - it is very dark. We have glimpsed a bit of the opposition, it is strong, but our God is stronger and will be victorious!  The power of prayer is phenomenal! We look forward to getting a proper news letter out soon; until then, please feel free to email or facebook (our phones can handle most of that on cell coverage."
Farmer with "Traktor"

Volcano in the distance
The Moore's would love to hear from you - you can contact them by email: or on facebook.

Their blog is also good fun -

Monday, 27 May 2013

Messy Church

We had a fun filled couple of hours again at Messy Church last Saturday when many families came along to enjoy time together as we heard more about prayer. Sarah reminded us of how Jesus said that birds and flowers don't worry about what they will eat or what they will wear because God knows what they need and looks after them. There were even lots of flowers and a little budgie at Messy Church to help us remember that we can pray and ask God for the things we need and trust Him to look after us too!

Over the past year we have learned so much at Messy Church as we have heard stories from the Bible about heroes like Noah, Joseph and David, and the life of Jesus, the friends He had then (and how He wants to be our friend now) and how He died and rose again so that we could be forgiven of our sins and have a relationship with God. We have made all sorts of crafts, things to take home to help us remember these great Bible stories - and had a great time being Messy in the process! Then there's the enthusiastic singing and a chance to pray together too before we eat the delicious food which our hard working kitchen team make for us, and the yummy home made cakes.

Messy Church is always busy with more than 50 people coming along, and there's usually a couple of new families each time too. But numbers have never been important; the people are important and those who come have a great opportunity to hear about God and His love for them.

There is always such a buzz around the building on Messy days - so many people are needed to help in so many different ways, but it is always such an encouraging and worthwhile time and, without everyone's help and the many prayers, it just wouldn't be possible. So, if you help in any way - then a HUGE thank you!

We are having a break for the next couple of months, so the next Messy Church will be on Saturday 31st August. Invitations are already available in Priory Lane so grab a few over the summer and invite any family or friends who might like to come along!


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Soul Action South Africa

Phil and Rachel Bowyer work with Soul Action in Durban South Africa. Soul Action South Africa facilitates opportunities for Christians who are passionate about integral mission to network, train and work together in order to address all forms of poverty in a holistic way.

Anti Human Trafficking

Soul Action UK spent 10 days with Phil and Rachel in March, filming how projects and churches are responding to Human Trafficking (HT). Highlights included:

Soul Action - the crew spent a morning with the group of church leaders they have been gathering since October 2012. Everyone shared what they are passionate about, how they are responding to HT and how Soul Action is supporting them. They also visited their literacy team, and leaders with whom a parenting course is being developed by a lady named Clare Whittaker. Both issues are cricital to preventing trafficking.

His People Church - they met and prayed with leaders as they prepared to go out onto the streets and minister to girls whose poverty leads them to prostitute themselves.

Grace Family Church - the crew joined an evening service and afterwards filmed church members as they put together toolkits to assist previously trafficked women.

Redlight Anti Human Trafficking - they filmed a lesson at a local school on how to avoid being trafficked, and had the opportunity to meet ladies who, after leaving the streets, were making jewellery: restoring the beauty in the fallen nature that people usually walk by and ignore.
His Church - they had the privilege of joining devotions at a local Christian school where pupils regularly intercede on the issue of human trafficking - it was very powerful!

PLEASE PRAY FOR a good response to the first short film(s) that will be shown in July, and the rest that will be released online following Soul Survivor's UK festivals.

Umoja and Facilitation

In April they began gathering a group of 20 church and project leaders to explore a community development. This group has committed to meeting monthly for a year to explore an approach that focuses on potential rather than poverty. Umoja involves empowering people to the point where they can identify their own needs and use their own resources to address them.

Part of the first session was spent thinking about facilitation, which is foundational to the whole process. Phil and Rachel led the leaders in a series of activities to explore the importance of faciliation.

PLEASE PRAY that people put what they discovered into practise and consider how to facilitate in the groups they work with.
Phil, Rachel and their son Zac will be in the UK from 7th June to 7th July sharing with current and new supporters as part of an awareness/fundraising tour. They will be with us at the Link on Sunday 23rd June.
For more information on Soul Action South Africa, check out their website at or their facebook page at There are also newsletters available in Priory Lane.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Do you need a reminder of this today?

A message from the Link Kids

Remember this photo from an earlier blog?  It is not the most gloriously attractive image, is it?  The good news is that the work to transform this into a fully functioning disabled toilet is now in the tendering process. The drawings and specs are with local companies (Big thanks to Kevan for all his hard work on this!)  and we are praying that we are able to appoint the work to one of them in the beginning of June.  Our deadline for completion is the end of October. 

Monday, 6 May 2013

David Storm in Egypt

David has recently returned from a busy week in Egypt with a colleague. This colleague has been communicating with various churches in Uganda and Egypt for a prayer initiative that stretches along the Nile River.

They are aiming to see simultaneous prayer groups in every nation along the Nile during the first week of September - including Sudan and Ethiopia.  It is an ambitious project but one that has been warmly received by national prayer leaders and churches in Egypt and Uganda alike.

If you are interested in joining this exciting initiative then please do contact David for more information.