Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Moore Family in Bali



Luke and Julie Moore are missionaries from our sister church, Athens Link Fellowship. In April 2013, Luke and Julie moved to Bali with their children, Norine, Silas, Abigail (Biggi) and Lucy, to work with Pioneers, a sending organisation.

Here is an update from Luke and Julie on how things are going so far:

"It is hard to believe we have been here six weeks already!  There have been challenges to be sure (not the least of which has been internet access when we think we need it)...but the Lord has continued to be gracious in providing what we need when we actually do need it.

We are blessed with lovely neighbours on our gang (street) who have been very welcoming. Please pray for them and that our interactions with them would serve as a suitable witness. We have also been warmly recieved by other workers here, many of whom are really helping us find what we need to get settled in.

View down their street
Biggi with some neighbours

Language learning has begun and is progressing a bit slowly for our liking. Please pray that the Lord would give us ears to hear and mouths to speak! 

Currently we are trying to secure schooling for Norine, Silas, and Biggi. Please pray that the Lord would help us to discern what He has for them in this area.

Above all, please pray for the spiritual climate here - it is very dark. We have glimpsed a bit of the opposition, it is strong, but our God is stronger and will be victorious!  The power of prayer is phenomenal! We look forward to getting a proper news letter out soon; until then, please feel free to email or facebook (our phones can handle most of that on cell coverage."
Farmer with "Traktor"

Volcano in the distance
The Moore's would love to hear from you - you can contact them by email: or on facebook.

Their blog is also good fun -

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