Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The People's Bible

We believe that the words of God change lives.  We do because many of us have experienced it as individuals and have stories to tell.  We may not have heard an audible voice but we have heard him in the quiet place in our heart or through the words of another.  With certainty we have heard him as we have read through the pages of the bible. More accesible today than ever for whole sections of the world. (Editor note- love it on my kindle!!) yet so often the bible is unexplored by people.

So this is exciting........... The People's bible project  is coming to Dunfermline on the 19th October.  The details are being finalised just now but it looks like it will be in the Kingsgate Centre.  Check out the People's Bible website for more info. Put the date in your diary and plan to be there to write out a couple of verses.  They are also looking for volunteers to help organise this day and be there to chat and help folks with the process. You can volunteer through their website.

And in Dunfermline the different churches are collaborating on writing out Mark's gospel.  We have it at the Link for the next couple of Sundays. Please take a turn and write our a few verses.

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