Friday, 4 February 2011

Thanking God

 In 1997 God blessed us with the vision and resources to buy this building. 
Ten years ago this week our building underwent a radical transformation.  Many of us can remember the pink pillars and the pink and green floral wall paper.  Dot, in the graphic designer phase of her life, came up with a colour scheme that has stood the test of time. A team of willing volunteers from St James in Athens, led by Dave Staton, boarded a plane, totally unaware the size of the task ahead of them, and worked tirelessly with many of our own people.  Our main hall was changed that week beyond recognition and  many lives were changed too as friendships were formed and God worked deep into lives. Do you remember the snow?  The freezing trip to Stirling castle? 
Ten years on it is right to pause a little and thank God for his faithfulness, his provision and his immense love!  It is right to remember how, with God, huge impossible tasks can be completed and have our faith stirred again to reach into Him.
It is right too to thank our friends who worked with us and send greetings back to those separated by a vast ocean! Haste ye back soon. No painting or scaffolding unless of course you want a wee challenge.............!!

We have not used the comment feature of the blog up until now but it may be fun to share some memories of this time. If you do not have a google account you can comment under anon, just remember to leave you name at the end of the comment.


  1. WOW! I am so excited to see the inside of the building...which I will see in person very soon! The relationship building that undergirded the church building is phenomenal. It's all about connection with the Lord and with each other! Can't wait fot JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cindy Gaulntey

  2. So wish we had pictures of the pink pillars but it was before our digital camera era!
    I do remember a snowball fight or two and I do have some great footage of that trip thanks to Chris Davis. If I can put my hands on it I might just bring it on Sunday.