Wednesday, 8 June 2011


What an incredible few weeks we have had.  It has been busy...... the lack of blog posts is testament to that.
The building work is finished, well that is to say the work on the building to restore the flood damage is finished.  We have been hugely blessed by teams that have come into our building and have worked to a really good standard, have worked fast and have been friendly and helpful.  We are grateful to them.  The rooms look great and soon we will post a whole blog of photo's.
Wednesday night last week we turned everything the right way up again.  What a joy to have the creche room back with a lovely ceiling and a most beautiful cupboard!  Our prayer room has needed to be a store room for the last few months.  No more!  It is ready and open for prayer.
We have also been able to press on with the work on the back wall.  Remember this quote from Charles Wesley.

Faith, mighty faith, the promise sees, and looks to that alone;
Laughs at impossibilities, and cries, “It shall be done!”

We have seen God's provision! 
This week our building is full of noise again but this time not hammers and saws. There is loads of chatting and laughter. We have 17 visiting for the Athens Link.  Picnics, prayer, and  mountain hikes are just a few of the things going on.

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