Thursday, 8 December 2011


The letters AGM are not known to raise any level of excitement and enthusiasm.  They are an essential part of the life of any charitable organisation, accounts, trustees reports and such need to be covered.  We met as a church last night.  Someone today was heard to comment that it had been the most enjoyable AGM she had attended in a long time!  Why?  It was not because there were any clever presentations or any grand giveaways! There was some real celebrations though.......

Around 40 children will be receiving school uniform this week, already to start school maybe even for the first time in January. After much work, our project to support orphans in Zimbabwe is now fully operational.. We thank God for this opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of some special kids.

Our accounts are in the black.  In a year where many organisations are having to report a loss we are in surplus, not huge surplus, but surplus.  We thank God for his provision this year in our individual lives and in the life of our church.  Building works completed and paid for!  Starter packs and food parcels donated to people all through this year.

For Street Pastors, and Healing Rooms, Talk Matters and Choices.......
For Messy Church and the planning of Alpha Expresso

For our youth home group and kids programmes.

For our building that we are able to share with community groups. Thank you God, and show us how to increase this.  
For people who work hard in our building on upkeep and special projects. We thank God for willing hearts to serve.

For sharing lives with friends in Athens USA, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Brazil.
For community groups and prayer groups, for our weekend away and people just there to listen and encourage.  Thank you, God.

So lots to be thankful for, to celebrate and to believe for more in 2012.  
Any amens to that?

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