Thursday, 22 March 2012

Let Faith Arise

Iain brought a real challenge to us on Sunday morning, a defining message.  If you did not hear it or would like to hear it again please do ask for a copy.  We cannot capture but a snapshot here.

The key thought was a sense that God was asking us to seek Him – to bring the Lord into the battles and circumstances we face 

Have a read of these verses  - 2 Chronicles 14:8-12, 15:1,2,12

From this we can see the specific reason in seeking him was to bring his power into our challenges .

‘Let faith arise’ has been a real call we have heard from God as a church in the recent weeks.  Remember God is a ‘rewarder’ of those who seek Him.

Power is a key to ‘Harvest’ which again is another of our NOW words.

Have a listen to Bill Johnson speaking about Power Forces a Decision which you can find on this page.

John Elliot –
 "The person who expects God to act is the person who will see great and marvellous things throughout the course of their life. The person who prays but does not then turn the prayer into an attitude of expectation is not likely to see much."

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