Monday, 30 April 2012

April's Messy Church

What happens when all the chocolate is gone? That was the question we set out to answer at Saturday's Messy Church - or more accurately, What happens after Easter? What does Jesus death on the cross and His resurrection from the dead mean for me?

So our theme was relationship with Jesus and we had a lot of fun finding out how easy it is to talk to Him! As always there were plenty of colourful, messy, creative crafts to have a go at. We painted candles, made giant cardboard cutout people, paper plate faces, photo frames to put a picture of someone we are praying for into - and a whole lot more!

James seemed to have a lot of fun leading us in two great songs - Whoopah Wahey! and Jesus is my Superhero. Then Anne and Michael did a drama that showed us we can talk to Jesus anytime, anywhere, about anything! We don't have to use fancy words or go to a special place or be a certain kind of person. Jesus is always ready to listen to us no matter who we are or how young or old we might be.

Then it was time to find out what the hard working kitchen team had prepared for us this time - homemade burgers! And, as always, plenty of cake for dessert...

The next Messy Church is on Saturday 26th May, 4 - 6 pm. Invitations are available in Priory Lane - who will you invite to come along?

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