Monday, 22 April 2013

April update from David and Corne Storm

Time flies when you're having fun...

Corne worked for a week with the World Horizons Youth Development Team on their annual Stewards Trust camp.

(Stewards trust is a Christian charity devoted to discipling young people, families and older people, through camps and house parties)

I was a mini bus driver for them for the week, driving them to various outdoor activities around the Gower and also leading them on a overnight mountain expedition in the Brecon mountains.

They were a fantastic group to work with and we believe God had done great things in the kids and the leader's lives.

I praise God for safety on the roads driving the kids and also for a fun filled refreshing week(being away from house and mummy duties).

Annelie has recently turned 18 months old.
I love ....
- how excited she is to see me in the morning when I first walk into her room, how she jumps up and down in her cot with joy!
- how she loves the porridge that I make her each morning, that she has a good appetite!
- that she cannot wait to get outside and will walk me to the door in the morning as I leave for work wanting to come outside too!
- that she giggles at my funny dances and funny faces, that she finds me funny!
- that she has TinTin teddy and she knows it as daddy teddy because it looks like me!
- that I can stick her out over a ledge to feel the rush of the wind, and she loves it!
- that we go to the beach to build a house out of driftwood, and she will just sit there as I build the playhouse around her, watching and waiting for daddy to join her when he is finished
- that she loves the big orange Land Rovers!  How she runs to them in the car park, to stand in the drivers seat, pretending to drive and beeping the horn!
- that she trusts me, that my being present gives her confidence!
- how she coped with the rough travel conditions and 45c heat in Iraq, I know I can push her yet further!
- that she is happy to be picked up and cuddled by anyone around the world!
- that she just legs it outside as soon as the front door is opened or as soon as we let her go, I love her desire to go, explore & discover!
- that she is cuddly & will walk over to me to embrace me when I come home
- how she loves the water, loves to splash and swim and put her head in the water
- how she loves her bed and reaches for it as we enter her bedroom at night
1 John 3:1 (NIV)
How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!

Annelie and Daddy

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