Tuesday, 17 September 2013

News from the Storm family

Annelie Growing Up!
We love how adaptable and outdoor loving Annelie is.  She already has many stories to tell.
However, one of the knock on effects is the regular breaking of any sleeping pattern she develops.
Recently Annelie is only sleeping at night by cuddling Mummy or Daddy! As lovely as this is, it is also very demanding on us - as you can imagine.
This week we will be breaking this pattern so that she learns to sleep on her own once again. We expect a fair bit of screaming, crying and at the end of the week - a sleeping baby!
Please pray for this process this week - Thank you.

Full Time Team is Expanding!
This month David has welcomed Joce (UK) and Wayne (China) into the team full time.  We are now a team of 4!
Praise God for an expanding team and pray for them as they adapt to their new roles.

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