Friday, 14 January 2011

Blow Drying @ the Link

Iain and and Norma have arrived safe and sound in Athens after a largely uneventful journey.  Norma had some earache to contend with but nothing too bad.  The world out there is very cold, with snow and ice. Roads are almost all passable now, some with care.  They are looking forward to getting in amongst all that is going on in the Athens Link. Please be in prayer for teh work out there.  We will keep you posted here about their trip. Mercy travelled with them so do get the kids to keep an eye on her blog. She has had a hair cut especially

There have been some good, encouraging prayer sessions and times of seeking God that have taken place this week.  Let's be sharing what we have heard into our groups and to each other,  and there will be some feedback on Sunday morning. Our Community Groups are about to pick up on "Try Praying".  Our heart is really to see lives changed as we bring God into all our situations and encourage our neighbours, our work colleagues and friends to do the same. Check out .

And the blow drying? We have not set up a hair saloon altho you could get a weird and wonderful style in the creche room just now!  All the drying equipment arrived yesterday. Five large fans and two large dehumdifiers are installed, between the youth room, the creche and the stairwell. The building does sound a little like Glasgow Airport. The guys installing them were encouraging about the amount of drying we have managed to do ourselves and are optimistic that this process should be reasonably quick.  We plan to keep the fans on as much as possible and to allow this we will use the stairs near the kitchen as the general access to downstairs.  The guttering has also now been replaced.

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