Thursday, 28 April 2011

Building repair work- phase one

The Youth Room- there is no access at all to this room just now, for obvious reasons. We may be able to repair the creche ceiling but not if anyone falls though it!!

The floor boards were lifted and all the deafening. What you are seeing is the creche ceiling.

Any guesses?  The creche cupboard!

The creche cupboard is at the moment open to the stairs.

Creche ceiling

 The areas of the building damaged by the flood have been completely stripped back.  The guys that have worked in the building have been a real blessing.  They have worked hard to reduce the inevitable mess, hoovered like pro's,  arranged to have skips at the building for twenty minute periods, ( the permit to have it stay on the road would not be granted until next week and they were not prepared to leave us in a mess), offered to make me a cup of tea and carried all the boxes up and down for toddlers today. A huge thanks to them!   Here's praying the rest of the squads are so easy to work with and around.

Even with all the work to minimize the mess and the cleaning afterwards there will be a bit of stoor (might be a big bit!) that will settle over the coming days.  If you want to lend a hand with the cleaning at any point just let us know. The youth room is a no go zone.  These pictures let you see all you need to. Safety is paramount.  The creche room remains closed. The stairs from the creche room down to the kids room are usable but we will have our kids use the ones at the kitchen end just now as the banister has been removed.

It struck me today how important it is to get things cleared out and stripped back to allow complete restoration. Sometimes we look for quick fixes in our lives.  God isn't into patching us up. He is into wholeness. We just need to be willing to let go of the bits that are damaged and not fit for purpose so he can do his work to make us whole.


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  1. Awesome practical and inspiring Maureen, what a meticulous job and detailed planning- and the meditation alongside is a blessing.Thanks for the time and energy taken to fill us in on all that detail.
    Fenella and Eric
    ( not anonymous but haven't found out how to open the google account)