Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Update 2 from Zimbabwe

(As this is being typed there is the joyful noise of hammering in the building at Priory Lane. The work has begun!)

The conference at Muzarabani went really well. Iain described it as a very "rich" time.  All four of the team were involved in preaching and sharing. They have seen God move in healing.  Jim had to battle through a reaction to his malaria tablets leaving him feeling unwell. Not easy to preach after an hour long journey down a bumpy road from their accommodation when you are not feeling at your best.  After the conference they then had a long journey down to Karoi where they again have been preaching and sharing in, with many hungry to hear and receive from God.  They finish at 3pm this afternoon and are immediately into a 3-4 hour journey before starting the Leader's conference in Harare at 9am tomorrow morning!

They ask that we continue to pray for  God's anointing, for stamina, health and travelling mercies in this intense and busy  schedule.

They have been working hard on the orphanage sponsorship programme and 30 children have been identified. There are many stories of children really suffering with the loss of parents and relatives.  Children denied basic education as there is no-one able to pay the small fees required.  They have made a really good local contact who will be travelling to Harare for the leaders conference when they will be able to work on prioritising this list.

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