Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Update from Pakistan

The latest update from Andy Turnbull is that he and his friend Andrew have arrived in Raiwindi. This is the second largest Muslim centre in the world but there are many churches too. They were meant to visit a border area today but have discovered it is in a militarized zone which their visas do not cover. The churches there had organised an event so this will obviously be disappointing for them.

They will be overnight in Raiwindi and will visit a school and orphanage there. They will be preaching again tomorrow night.

Andy has not been well for the past few days and has not eaten for a couple of days. He is finding that when he focuses on the Lord rather than on feeling ill that he feels good. Please keep praying for him, that he can keep looking to God for all that he needs during this time and for a full recovery. They have been dealing with extremely high temperatures - 47 degrees - which they are finding difficult.

Andy and Andrew were preaching at St Andrews Church on Sunday and were very encouraged by the excellent response they had from the people there. They value our prayers for them and for their ministry in Pakistan. Please keep praying for God's strength for them and for His anointing on all that they are doing.

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