Tuesday, 7 March 2017

World Horizons - An Update

David Storm writes about an upcoming trip to Egypt:

Long Term Training

I'm thankful for a really good relationship with the Gap Year and Long Term Training leaders and this has resulted in the opportunity to provide more input into the course syllabus. With each Gap Year group in September/October we run several cross-cultural training and preparation classes before taking them on a mission trip, in November 2016 we visited Egypt, in November 2017 we will go to Morocco. 

With each Long Term Training group from November to February we run 6-8 classes on leadership development in a mission trip setting. This provides them with the real life opportunity to plan, run and lead a short term mission trip to a location of their choosing in March. Whilst on the trip they each lead different days and each day we spend an hour discussing and reviewing what has been observed and learnt. It is a great opportunity to develop cross-cultural people focused leaders. This March I go with this group to Egypt.

Pray for Egypt - for Christians to live a life of love and mercy towards their Muslim neighbours and colleagues.

Pray for our group - that they would learn and develop in cross cultural group leadership and be an encouragement to the mission partners that we will visit.

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