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January 2014
Faith In Action
In 1998 I remember writing a wee article for the newsletter of the Link Church, Dunfermline. It was about putting "Faith in Action", about doubt and risk and having the courage to leave what is comfortable. The occasion was my first mission trip with MAF to Uganda. Now 16 years later, almost 4 years of which have been spent overseas on short term trips, I find myself thinking along the same lines. The passage of having doubt - to having the courage to risk - to encountering belief is crucial to the continuing development of my faith and walk with God. Yes, the doubts and challenges are different, and there is much to look back on and testify to what has been overcome, all this leading to a growing and maturing faith in God. However, courage to take risks in the face of doubt and the unknown is still something that I am deeply challenged by. But for me, this is where life is found, an understanding of who I am developed and a greater depth in God discovered. We simply need to give God this opportunity!
2014 is looking busy and there are many journeys to prepare for.
22nd Feb - 3rd March: Egypt
Corne and Anneli are coming too!
A team of six, three of which I hope to see leading similar trips to the Middle East in the near future. So this trip will have an emphasis on training potential trip leaders. We will spend time in two separate locations. During the few days we will spend in our second location we will be asking in prayer whether there is a part of us to play via short term mission trips in the mobilisation of the Egyptian church into cross cultural mission. Join us in this prayer!
8th - 17th March and 23rd March - 1st April: Jordan
Corne and Anneli are coming too! They will stay with a friend and her two little girls.
Two separate teams of four men. We have an exciting and adventurous opportunity to work alongside a pioneering missionary. Way off the beaten track, we will trek 100km over five days between villages, staying with local people, purposefully looking to build friendships for future visits. Our prayer will be for a 'man of peace' as in Luke 10. Join with us in our prayer for this wonderful people! We anticipate that the Lord will open significant doors for us!
Friends from China and America will join the second of these trips, with the purpose being to recruit Chinese and Americans for similar style journeys to the Middle East in the near future. Again this is a big prayer, join us in asking the Lord for what is yet to happen!
Other Journeys Planned for 2014
2nd May - 5th June: Morocco. Five people.
July and August: Overland... Morocco and Western Sahara
October: Morocco High Atlas mountain trek for 8 days
November: Northern India for 3 weeks.
More info on these in the nest Storm News... If you are, or you know of anyone, who might be interested in going on one of these journeys/trips this year, please get in touch! There are spaces left! What are YOU asking the Lord Disturb you about in this year?

Thank you for your ongoing interest, love and support. We appreciate you!
(This newsletter has been edited to remove sensitive information which cannot be shared publicly. If you would like to receive the Storm's newsletters by email, contact the church office for more information.)

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