Monday, 24 February 2014

Update from the Storms

We are taking a group of 11 people to an oasis town many hours drive into the deserts of the Middle East.

This town is the centre of a desert region where some 3,0000 people represent a particular people group without any known followers of Jesus and no church in its history ever.  It is a priviledge to spend a week among these people to pray, to worship and to seek to have some faith based conversations.  Our group will comprise 4 Arabs, 1 Namibian, 1 South-African and some Brits.  Exciting!


The Bedouin's are an extremely hospitable people!  This March we will be taking two small groups of men trekking in the Middle East for a week.
We are working alongside an existing mission worker.  We will trek about 100kms on each team, not knowing where we will stay and who we will meet, but going with the prayer to meet men/families of peace that we can stay with, share a little bit of life with and our faith stories with.  There are very few followers of Jesus amongst the Bedouin, join us in asking the Lord for an expression of church to rise up among the Bedouin!

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