Friday, 10 December 2010

Torrential Rain.... inside!

Unfortunately having the heating on 24/7 did not prevent a pipe bursting somewhere in the top floor kitchen of our building.  When Jackie arrived to open for the Friday drama let water was pouring, actually flooding thru down into the creche room and into the Storehouse cupboard below.  Jackie got the water turned off quickly and after about an hour the rain lessened to a light but steady drip and that is how we have left it.

We cleared out the entire creche room into the side hall.  Many of the boxes of toys were completely full of water.  All of this will need washed and dried before it can be used but almost all is usable. The contents of the Storehouse cupboard has taken quite a hit and that is sad. Toiletries, starter packs, food items all wet and it will take time to see what we can salvage.  We will need to think at how we restock. 

The heating is still on and can remain so even tho at this point the water is off.  We have a plumber/engineer coming out at some point tomorrow courtesy of our maintenance contract.

Tomorrow some of us can go in with anti bacterial wipes and clean some creche toys to get a creche functioning for Sunday upstairs. We can also dry some of the others and stack things up in the prayer room.  This clean up party will start at half ten if you can make it. Bring towels or tea towels! We can also finish the clear up of the Storehouse cupboard.

If things can be repaired to a point allowing us to get the water back on then our service will be on as normal on Sunday.  We do have a lot to be thankful for. If the drama had been cancelled this may not have been discovered until much later! Please check back here tomorrow for details.

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