Thursday, 16 December 2010

Weather Forecasts and Building Update

We have loads of events on over the next few days.  Or we have a lot of things planned.............. the forecast is a little mixed so keep checking back here if there is doubt as to whether things will go ahead. Remember the party on Saturday night 5pm. It will be loads of fun for all ages so come and bring friends. It is a cold finger buffet so please bring plenty to share.

The carpark at Andrew Carnegies birthplace has been ploughed but would appear not to have been gritted. It is parkable but go canny, as in places you could do some pretty spectacular ice skating moves.

Iain and Maureen met the Loss Adjuster in the building to talk through the damage caused by the burst pipe. He was very helpful and will be sending in a restoration team to advise and assist on the drying out of the building to ensure no damp remains to cause later difficulties.  A surveyor is also to be appointed  to help work out the different steps required to get the building back up to scratch. He was clear that the immediate priority was to get the wet carpets and underlay out of the building so that the dehumidifiers could work on drying out the actual building.  With a level of dedicated insanity Iain and Maureen set about getting that done, cutting, carrying, loading and unloading carpets and these are now in the skips at the tip.  Handy hint- carpets and underlay go in separate skips, and not adjoining ones at that!!

Please note that there is now no general  access to the creche due to the concerns about the ceiling.

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