Saturday, 4 December 2010

Worshipping together!

We can be church wherever we are but there is something good about coming together to worship God and tomorrow morning our building will be warm and welcoming. The heating has been on 24/7.  The roads are all passable in town. Parking will be more of a challenge.The immediate car parks around Priory Lane as of 1300 today were still under deep snow. Most main town carparks,  City Hotel, Kingsgate multi story, former firestation car park are parkable.  There is also parking at the side of the road on St Margaret's Street (Up from bakers and outside  the vets).  So if you are able to get out your street and are willing to walk a little please come and join us.  Bring your slippers and we will start with a cup of tea and coffee at 10.30am.  There will be a kids programme tomorrow almost as normal.
We have decided that we will pour our energy into tomorrow morning and the meeting scheduled for tomorrow evening in Priory Lane is cancelled.
If you are still snowed in then be safe, get in touch if we can do anything and we pray for a rich sense of God's presence with you.
Pray for our Street Pastors who are out tonight.

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