Thursday, 9 December 2010

The world is beginning to drip

Today we are clearly beginning to see a bit of a thaw after another challenging week.

The snow of Monday meant that we once again had to close the building to lets.  The church office has not be open on either Monday or Tuesday although Ruth has been busy working from home.  Wednesday we managed after a bit of difficulty to get the building open for a group that wanted their class to continue although only one person showed up and the class was then cancelled. 

The conditions around the building even up to lunchtime today (Thursday) remain chaotic.  The huge snow/ice mounds have not been cleared due to the large quantities of cars that are parked there. These mounds are forcing these cars to park a long way from the pavement reducing Priory Lane to a single lane.  The immediate car parks are still under deep snow altho the two car parks up from the bakers are now parkable.

Most of our own church activities have been cancelled this week.  Folks exhausted after getting to work needing time to rest or nowhere to park if you could get there being the main reasons.

We have made the tough decision today to cancel the Go Cracker event for the kids this Saturday.  We have done this reluctantly.  The next day or so should bring marked improvement but there is a significant amount of work needing to be done on the main town cars parks and this will undoubtedly be the main priority likely leaving ours down the list. Our concern was for the safety of the children as they were being dropped off. We also had to take account of the hit that all the preparation had taken and that at least one of our key players can still not get her car out.  While we could have delayed the decision we wanted to give families time to make other plans.

We are fully expecting to be able to hold our Service followed by our AGM on Sunday.  We will have a look around the building on Saturday and advise you here of the parking situation.

In the meantime stay warm and dodge those icicles.

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